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College Ticketing? It’s in our DNA.

For more than a decade, colleges and universities have relied on UniversityTickets for online and box office ticket sales. From concerts in Maine to family weekends in Arkansas to commencements in Texas, the UniversityTickets system has been put to the test. When the heat is on, we’ll guarantee your ticketing system gets an A+.
Ever wonder how to offer student tickets securely, online, without making them available to the general public? Or how to offer access to tickets, around the clock, even at midnight from a dorm room? With UniversityTickets — there’s no more wondering.

Private Label Branding

Why post your event on a site where you’re just a number? Where the link to your event is full of backslashes and question marks? How about a dedicated ticketing website that screams your name, brand, logos and colors? How about www.[YourCAB] We’ll make it happen.

Secure Student Sales

Single Sign On Integrations
Selling tickets to the public? That’s easy. How about selling special tickets to your students? How are you going to deal with tickets that are discounted, free, or available in a closed presale? What if your show is completely closed to the public? With UniversityTickets’ ability to integrate with your student information system and single-sign-on portals, it’s easy. Ticket sales will start and end automatically, on-schedule, and tickets will be available to only those customers with appropriate user types.

Accept Credit Cards!

Accept Credit CardsIt’s annoying to sell tickets for cash only. After all, who uses cash these days? With UniversityTickets, your activities board can accept credit cards and campus payment cards.


So Long Tabling!

There will be no more rushing to staff a table for ticket sales… After all, you won’t need it when your tickets are available online, anytime, day or night! Even better, your sales will be tracked in real-time. Imagine sitting in your activities board meeting (or in class!) and refreshing your sales reports, watching the money roll-in. Do what you do best — run your events. Leave the ticketing to us.


Social Media Integration

Social Media IntegrationWe’ll make it easier to promote your events with instant social media integration through UniversityTickets! Now your customers can help promote your events — announcing their own purchases on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and other platforms. Messages are instantly personalized, and push others back to your ticketing website. Cool, right?


Forget tabling. We’ll make ticket sales easy.

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John Carroll University’s ticketing system was revolutionized when we partnered with UniversityTickets. Our students love the convenience of being able to access tickets to our most popular events online, 24/7.

Maura McCool

John Carroll University